dixvi virus opens popup and disables taskbar and all windows keys

you might have been victim of using following statements made on youtube or any local forums. Its takes you to www – dixvi – com and that website is corrupted. check yourself the results of dixvi website http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/dixvi.com

also check description of virus http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/dixvi.com

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Symptons (pretty clear one)

Popup blocked the computer screen and disabled the keyboard functions. ALT + F4 closes the windows but starts another one. CTRL + ALT + DEL works but only once or closes automatically.

please tell me if you have seen other descriptions.


Unfortunately no antivirus definations pickes it up. I tried Norman Malware, Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials. No Show..

How to resolve this bugger.

Start your computer in safe mode. Follow the link if you dont know how to start your computer in Safe Mode

Go to Start type Run in textbox

in Run window type command : msconfig

Now, in msconfig/System Configuration window in Startup Tab. Uncheck C:\Program Data\iusehxdh.exe and click or and restart.

After successfull restart of your computer. delete the file (iusehxdh.exe) from above location.


Remove from Registry of System.

  1. Run Regedit and go to file/export to backup your registry.
  2. Navigate to HKEY Local Machine/Software/Microsoft/Shared Tools/MsConfig
  3. Here you will find folders called startupreg and startupfolder, and the entries in these folders are the disabled items. You may even find items that are left over from uninstalled programs. Deleting the entries will delete the disabled startup items (only disabled startup items appeared here).
  4. Once you delete the entries, you can run msconfig and the disabled items should be gone.

This may work with other operating systems, but I’ve only done it with Windows 7. I could find a program online that would make it easy.
I discovered this by doing a search in my registry to find the items that I wanted to delete.
Additional Info:, I have restarted my laptop twice with no issues.
Also, run disk cleaner for example : ccleaner or any antivirus software. Also clear windows temp folders…

Note also is that if you have x64 Windows then you may also need to check the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MsConfig area too.


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  1. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I went to this site and clicked one of the links. It offered a username and password, and a link to bonkmygf.com/members. When I clicked the link, a message box appeared and said something like “this server is asking for a username and password” so I typed it in. Once I did, it took me to a page that showed a 5 second ad and then I clicked “skip ad.” Then it took me to the website and then I closed it (I was just testing it to see if it worked).

    No popups appeared (although that might have to do with the fact that I’m running AdBlock ver 2.6.8) and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I’m also running the free version of Avast! Anti Virus.

    I did a quick Google search though and most folks say the website gave them a virus. Do you think I’m safe or do you recommend I look into it further? I appreciate the guide you posted, but I’m hesitant to try anything because I’m not very computer savvy, so i’m worried I’ll screw my PC up.

    Thanks in advance, appreciate the help.

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