Compile Online – Dont need Visual Studio Anymore..!!

Compile Online – Dont need Visual Studio Anymore..!! I have cam across many online compile tools over the years. But, I have to say this is the so far easiest to use and with good language selection. Link to compile Website : Well done Compile Online Team. Enjoy…

how to secure excutable from reverse engineering?

The only good way to prevent a program from being reverse-engineered (“understood”) is to revise its structure to essentially force the opponent into understanding Turing Machines.  Essentially what you do is: take some problem which generally proven to be computationally difficult synthesize a version of that whose outcome you know; this is generally pretty easy… Read More »

How to register a C# or VB.Net DLL using RegAsm and GacUtil

Regasm.exe is used to create COM Callable Wrapper (CCW) around .NET assemblies. .NET managed assemblies(EXEs, DLLs) are different from COM DLLs (which are unmanaged, ie. they interact with the OS directly). So to register an unmanaged DLL you use regsvr32.exe. But if you have a managed .NET assembly and want you COM components to use it… Read More »


CodeLens is one of the best new tools of Visual Studio 2013. It only comes with Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Edition. Visual Studio 2013 is the most mobile- and cloud-friendly  version of the IDE Microsoft has ever released. I used this tool between teams in Asia, Europe and USA. This is tool for everybody involved… Read More »

FREE EU Cookie Law Script

You may have noticed on sites like the BBC or Channel 4 etc they will show a little piece of text at the top of the page that slides out and tells the user that cookies are being used with a link to their cookie policy. They also have a button to set a cookie… Read More »

How is Information Lost or Stolen in companies?

Information thieves use a variety of techniques to acquire the information they’re after. Here are some tools and tricks of the trade: Network scanning, hacker toolkits Stealing laptops Social engineering Guessing passwords Locating and using inactive accounts Denial of service or malware (worms, viruses, others) attacks because of software vulnerabilities Capturing information that is transferred… Read More »

.Net Obsolete Attribute

The Obsolete attribute is useful for refactoring and general management of your project’s source code over the development lifecycle. The .NET compiler generates warnings at compile time for code marked obsolete. For example, you may have a method that performs some task but will no longer be required once some milestone is reached in your… Read More »

How to read, write and delete from windows registry with C#

Introduction I wanted to write an article for registry editing. after bit of reaserch i figured the best i can write is very close to article by Francesco Natali. So, here is article by Francesco Natali. and my special thanks to Francesco Natali. I’ve done a little update, now this class provides six functions: Read… Read More »

How to make a windows computer faster

Check your hard disk space Remove any programs Delete files you don’t need Prevent unnecessary programs from starting when the computer boots Install an anti-virus program and a spyware scanner Run a Disk Cleanup Run a Disk Defragment Check for any disk errors Turn off indexing Clear your Prefetch folder Change Prefetch Parameters Add RAM… Read More »